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Your REALTOR® is Your Advocate!

When you buy a new construction home, the sales agent is considered the builder’s agent and the builder is considered the seller.

Let the Haddad Team be your personal advocate!  They will make sure that you are aware of your rights at the table, as well as ensuring that you can get the most value for your budget. 

No REALTOR® fees for the buyer

Having a REALTOR® to represent you comes at no cost to you!  The builder pays the agent commission.  Commissions are a part of the cost of doing business to the builder and are included in their marketing budget.

The Haddad Team can help you find the best home builders

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to home builders!  The Haddad Team has a wealth of knowledge to help you find a reputable builder with a reputation of quality and great customer service during and after the building process.

Realtors® know the best time to buy

The Haddad Team knows the market in your area, whether you are buying an existing home or looking at new construction.  Many times, there may be advantages to buying a new construction home during a certain time of year or quarter.  Builders are trying to meet sales goals and might be more likely to make a deal.  Your Realtor® is the best person to guide you through this process.

Oversee the contracts

Just as in any new home purchase, the Haddad Team will review the contracts you sign with a builder to ensure that you are protected and that everything is in order.  Your Realtor® will also make sure that any additional paperwork is reviewed and that the closing will be smooth and seamless. 

Negotiating extras

Purchasing a new construction home can be overwhelming!  There are so many options to choose from and it can be tricky trying to navigate the personalization process.  The Haddad Team can help you understand the best items to install during the building process, versus what can be added later.  We will know about the resale value of upgrades and amenities and what will attract buyers in the future. 

Do you want upgrades in your new home?  Many times, your agent can help you with negotiating those amenities and upgrades, even ones you may not think to ask for!  The experienced Haddad Team will know the types of things that are on the table for discussion.  Builders are more likely to negotiate on fees or upgrades than they are on the purchase price of the home itself.

Recommending financing

Builders have in-house lenders, but they do not always offer the best terms available.  The Haddad Team can recommend mortgage options so that you can make the best decision and get the best rates and terms. 

Overseeing home inspection and contingencies

You may be tempted to skip getting a home inspection in a new construction home.  An experienced Realtor® will advise you to take that step to have your new home inspected at several stages during construction.  Whether it is plumbing, electrical, foundation or framing, it’s a lot better to find potential problems during the construction process.  The builder’s agent is not likely to offer an inspection, but you and your Realtor can make it happen.

Advocate and stand up for you

The Haddad Team will attend meetings, walk throughs and be at the closing.

Having a Realtor® representing you can actually save you money! 

Having someone on your side, looking at everything with an experienced eye, will make the new construction process easier.  The Haddad Team has years of experience with home builders in the Indianapolis area and can guide you through the process.  The result will be a new home that you will love and enjoy for many years to come!